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Sunday 11. 9. 2022

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Color Symphony is an interactive entertainment show, relaxation and, last but not least, alternative teaching in the form of group drumming. Pupils and teachers, with the help of a lecturer, create a musical orchestra, which goes into the performance itself. But it is not primarily about the development of music education, but about the strengthening of social relations. Therefore, the program is really suitable for all classes, not just music classes. We also have experience with children of pre-school age, or, on the contrary, high school students. So you don't have to worry that the performance won't impress the second level.


The workshop is led by facilitator Tokhi, a drummer and percussionist active on the international scene. He collaborated with the best artists in the Czech Republic. At random: Karel Gott, Pavel Šporcl, Laura and her tigers, Marek Ztracený, Support Lesbiens, Vlasta Redl, Mário Bihári, Voxel and many others. He also built the unique drumming project Groove Army - with it, for example, he was the official program of the World Hockey Championship, the Football Euro, or advanced in the Czech Slovakia has talent competition.


Based on many hundreds of references from schools throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, several thousand drumming children, this program received the official patronage of the Police of the Czech Republic from the beginning of 2020

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