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Bigger than ever

Better than ever

In general


This year's Festiwall is the biggest in its history so far. In addition to the richer music program, its fair part has also grown significantly, and visitors will be presented with a record number of exhibitors . Major players of the world music market will visit us, and on an area of more than 1400 m2 you will see, for example, instruments of the brands Yamaha, Roland, Fender, Ibanez, Meinl, Tama, Hohner, Nord, Taylor . You can also look forward to smaller domestic guitarists and manufacturers of various equipment for musicians. If you are planning to buy an instrument or musical technique, you have a unique opportunity to view and try everything comfortably in one place and consult with experts. Fair DISCOUNTS , which will only be available during the event, are an interesting attraction.




Our partners donated countless music prizes with a total value of over 250,000 CZK to the competitions. The probability that one of them will land on you is therefore temptingly high.


Exhibition of Radim Hladík's concert equipment


As part of the Festiwall, you can visit a unique exhibition of instruments used by the greatest Czech rock guitarist Radim Hladík. Many thanks to his son for the loan.




Take the kids with you. They have free entry and can try all kinds of instruments here. A visit to Festiwall can help you and your little ones discover their talent and at the same time help you choose a suitable music group or school.




Want to know who can drum the fastest? Maybe that's you. On our special trainer, you can test your drum skills against the best and win a valuable prize.

Violinist Violin-Rácz


The Czech family company Violin-Rácz deals with the production and restoration of all types of stringed instruments. He makes these instruments according to the techniques of the old masters, and practices the craft of violin making with true passion and love. At Festiwall, he will bring with him the instrument blanks in progress for a visual demonstration of how stringed instruments are created. You will be able to try, for example, gouging and planing a violin board with your own hands, you will see a demonstration of the carving of a violin auger and other steps of the production process. 




The Furch brand produces high-quality acoustic guitars in Moravian Velké Němčice, which have gained popularity among Czech and foreign music stars. The legendary Czech manufacturer will present special models at Festiwall that you won't see on the shelves of musical instrument stores. During the entire Festiwall, a company representative will be available to visitors to answer all questions.




The modern American acoustic guitar manufacturer will bring limited edition guitars and other goodies that are not normally seen or sold to Festiwall. Friendly Simon (Taylor's representative for our region) will be at your disposal for any questions. The lucky ones will be gifted with merch, and the very luckiest can take away one of the guitars (completely free). 




The established Japanese brand will present limited editions of its guitars and will also bring to Festiwall pieces that are not yet known in the Czech basin. The journey of this legendary producer will be completed by a pair of virtuoso guitarists Lari Basilio and Yasi Hofer, who will treat us with concerts and guitar workshops.


Razor Cases


Razzor Cases manufactures custom-made professional packaging right here in Modřany. All you have to do is say and this skilled craftsman will make you a luxurious bed for your guitar, but also for any other instrument or piece of sound or lighting equipment. Come check out the best designs and tech gadgets with the Razzor Cases logo.



No, we will not change your tires at Festiwalla. Dunlop representatives will present you with a huge selection of guitar effects, picks, capos, strings, guitar cosmetics and other accessories. There will also be a lot of things to give away on the spot, but pssst, don't tell anyone. Let there be something left for you too.

PRS Guitars


The PRS brand has been active on the music market since 1985. It had a difficult path to success in competition with the already established giants, but it quickly showed its competitors a raised middle finger, in the form of high-quality electric guitars with an unmistakable design and typical inlays in the shape of flying birds on the fingerboard . Instruments from PRS workshops have gained popularity among many guitarists worldwide and you can see them in action in the hands of Carlos Santana or Mark Tremonti, for example.




With the Cameo company, we will shed light on everything related to lighting technology, which you can use in your club or take it with you to concerts for safety. Show is the basis of success.




The history of the American brand D'Addario dates back to 1680, and its experience would publish an encyclopedia of strings for all possible instruments. Did you know that you can choose from more than 250 types in its menu? Come and recalculate it at Festiwall. 




Start making guitars where there's a pack of hungry competitive wolves rampaging behind your fence? It takes guts and a really perfect plan! The Canadian brand Godin invented such and in the city of Quebec today produces revolutionary tools with an admirable sense of the environment. Guitars and bass guitars from Godin workshops combine established construction methods with modern gadgets including midi signals, piezo pickups and other conveniences. Master of his craft Michal Pavlíček will show you how they can be used in practice.




Festiwall is guaranteed to have the largest selection of instruments from this renowned brand, including custom shop models and prized boutique instruments with a story. Fender has historically played a significant role in the development of the sound of the electric guitar, so a stop at the stand of this Californian icon is therefore almost a must for every guitarist.


Boss guitar effects


Connect a number of effects to the pedalboard, switch and try combinations of sounds, that's exactly what you can do with us as you wish. You can use guitar effects with the Boss logo to build a sound palette so varied that even Picasso would drop his brushes and start playing the guitar.

Drum section


A wide selection of Roland electric drum kits or Zildjian and Meinl cymbals await you. At last year's Festiwall, the manufacturer Mapex presented a gigantic drum kit, and we're just shaking our heads in horror at what they'll present this year. There will also be legendary DW sets and a large selection of percussion.

Pianos, keyboards and various chemistry…


In addition to new keyboards from traditional manufacturers Yamaha, Korg, Nord and Roland, you can also try Casio instruments at a special stand or try out modern controllers and synthesizers from Novation and Arturia.


Hammond and Leslie


Back in 1935, Mr. Hammond introduced the world to the first Hammonds, and at the time he probably had no idea what a stir his invention would cause among musicians. The sound of the legendary electric organ was later embellished by Donald J. Lesley with an iconic speaker box with a surround rotary sound, and the star duo was in the light of God. You can also try this stellar keyboard delicacy at the Festiwall.


Musical instrument manufacturers


If you are a fan of handmade production, where every instrument is a real original, don't miss the exhibition of Wolf guitars, Jech guitars, Vlček basses or the stand of the Rácz family violin shop. The manufacturer of luxury pickups Tůma pickups or the progressive manufacturer MyCello with electric fronts made on a 3D printer will also be present.




G&L is an American company founded by Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt in the late 1970s. They make electric guitars and basses with designs based on some classic Fender instruments. There will definitely be something to watch and, above all, something to play here.


Bass Guitars 


Our festival tip is EBS bass guitars or Ibanez bass guitars with countless strings and, of course, the Czech legend Miroslav Vlček, who builds fantastic instruments according to the customer's wishes. There will also be the constants of the bass heaven Fender, Sandberg or Godin, which you can connect to Aguilar or DV Mark devices.




A synonym for the word microphone is "Shure". The sound icon from the American state of Illinois has long since ceased to have a product portfolio based only on microphones. At Festiwall, you can also view the most modern in-ear monitoring systems or try other toys designed especially for home and professional recording studios.



You can look forward to the presentation of the Move 8 mobile PA system of the latest generation produced by the HK Audio brand or to the traditional column sound system of the new Polar series. To be fair, we will of course also introduce the competing brand LD Systems and leave the overall evaluation to you.


Hohner Harmonicas


The German brand Hohner is the uncrowned queen among harmonica manufacturers. She was born in 1857 in Trossingen, Germany, but she took the throne a few years later across the Atlantic, where she significantly contributed to the development of the blues or bluegrass and country genres. At the Festiwall, representatives of the German brand will present you the best pieces from their production, for example the Marine Band model, which recently celebrated its 125th birthday.

Wind instruments and strings must not be missing


Master instruments worth over 100,000 CZK will be on display, as well as student models and instruments for complete beginners. You can look forward to wind instruments of the brands VanLaar, Gewa, Buffet Crampon, Bach, Hohner Edwards and others. traditional Czech stringed instruments from the Strunal Schönbach workshop are also waiting for you.

Guitar equipment


Hughes & Kettner will present the GrandMeister and TubeMeister tube machines, but you can also see how great the Black Spirit combo sounds without tubes. Come and experience the sound of the machines that light up like the streets of Las Vegas.




The ukulele has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. If you've also fallen under the spell of its sound, there's no better place to pick up this instrument than Festiwall. The largest selection of ukuleles in the Czech Republic will be here to try! A complete beginner as well as a demanding professional can choose between tools of all possible designs from a number of manufacturers (Ortega, Cascha, Flight, Bamboo or Lanikai).


For DJs and producers


Lovers of turntables, mixing desks and all kinds of equipment for DJs will also find something for themselves. There will be legendary toys from Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Novation, Denon DJ, Teenage Engineering, Native Instruments, Aira, Ortofon and many others. Come spin it too.


Vintage, Fret King, Rapier


Young and progressive brands are not afraid to stand next to the biggest names in the guitar world. Come support them, they deserve it.


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