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Petr Ostrouchov a Lukáš Chromek

What does music production mean?

Friday 9. 10. 2022

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In this workshop, two renowned Czech music producers will explain to you what
music production means in practice: how to bring music to life, what to avoid, what toemphasize, how to cooperate with musicians, how to handle the technical side of things and how to function in "show business".

Lukáš Chromek

Music producer, member of the Academy of Popular Music.
As the guitarist of the rock band Airfare, he toured Europe and won several music awards.


Since 2014, he has been producing music for all Czech publishing houses. In 2016, almost a third of the most played Czech songs were from his production, and all the songs have collected over 230 million views to date. The records he collaborated on received four Czech Music Academy Anděl awards. With Boris Carloff, he composed the music for ŠKODA's worldwide spot "Logo evolution". He currently plays alongside Ewa Farna and is building the creative brand Blacksplash music.

Music production

Karel Gott - Srdce Nehasnou (2019)                             yt trends # 1

Ewa Farna - Body (2021)                                      yt trends # 1

IMT Smile & Nikol Štíbrová - Too Personal Acquaintance (2019)           yt trends # 1

Airfare -Sorry Baby (2008)                                         Ifpi # 1

Sebastian - Toulavá (2015)                                         Ifpi # 1

Ewa Farná - Christmas at Peace (2018)                             yt trends # 1 

ATMO music - Angels (2014)                                       Ifpi # 2 

Thom Artway - I have no inspiration (2015)               Two Angel Awards, Ifpi # 5

Sound design 

ŠKODA (Logo evolution video, worldwide), Google (UK, Google Analytics spot), Silicon Jelly (mobile application), Česká Pojišťovna, SAZKA, ČSOB, O2, - Campaign 2014 (tv, radio, internet), Magazine Reporter , AMC Walking Dead Leoš Mareš prank, Prague Bistro, tAdy digital agency, Visual Unity, OSA,, Sunar, JRC, Tchibo

Other collaborations (guitarist, songwriter)

The Spooks (US), Jamie Muhoberac (US), Kärtsy - Waltari (FIN), Bjorn Thorsrud (US), Chelcee Grimes (UK), David Koller, Vladimír Mišík, David Stypka, Boris Carloff, Jan P. Muchow, Barbora Poláková , Debbi, Marek Ztracený, Patricia, Druhá Tráva, Luno

Petr Ostrouchov​​

music producer, composer, performer, publisher, lawyer

  • sought-after author of film music (Želary, ID card, Clowns, Vendetta, gardening trilogy, Red Captain, Middle-earth, Red Spider, The Devil Knows Why, tetralogy Forgotten Transports, series Blue Shadows, Waterman and Traitors, etc .; so far eight nominations for the Czech lion)

  • publisher of jazz and alternative music on the Animal Music label (since 2017, so far 103 titles and 20 Anděl awards)

  • music producer of several dozen albums (both last albums by Vladimír Mišík "I'll meet you once" and "Night Image", "River" by Lenka Dusilová, Iva Bittová's albums "Zvon", Korben Dallas "Where are we going", Mirka Kemela "Wolf Tracks", Dagmar Fragrances “Ark”, One Hundred Animals “You Dude at Elementary School” and “There Was Never Anything” and a number of jazz, classical and alternative albums released on the Animal Music label)

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