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Frontman Live:
Making music in 2022: making a living or livelihood?

Zdeněk Neusar a Jakub Nový

Prokop Holoubek (Bumbum Satori, Midi Lidi), Lukáš Rychtařík (Championship Music) a Bára Zmeková

Sunday 11. 9. 2022

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Is it possible nowadays to make a living from music even without a big label and donors behind your back? What other options are there to keep your band going financially? Are you thinking creatively about merchandising and booking gigs in a way that makes sense? Is it possible to approach the band as a company even in today's conditions? And what are the prospects for the coming years? A panel for musicians who already know a bit about digital distribution, regularly perform concerts and have basic experience in the field of PR, but still lack something to really make a living from music.

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Prokop Holoubek is the founder of the booking agency Bumbum Satori, which represents dozens of Czech and foreign artists, a co-founder of the Fléda club and a member of the band Midi Lidi, with whom, in addition to six regular albums, he also created successful soundtracks for several films. He continues to work as DJ Myslivec, and his music for the evening program Mlsné mevdědí příhody was also a success.

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Lukáš Rychtařík has been involved in the music industry since 2005, his agency Championship Music combines management, promotion and marketing activities and creates a mix of them, which in 15 years has used names such as Xindl X, Charlie Straight, Pavel Callta, Voxel, David Koller, Jan Bendig, Ben Cristovao or Skyline.  

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Bára Zmeková is a composer and multi-instrumentalist moving in her songs with original Czech texts between jazz, folk, classical music and fine electronics. He relieves fragility and urgency with humor and perspective, and he alternates piano playing with synthesizers and guitar. For her second album Lunaves (2019), she received two nominations in the Anděl awards. The bait before the release of the planned third album is the single Město and most recently also the song Úbočí, which she recorded with the support of SoundCzech in collaboration with the New Zealand cellist Francesca Mountfort.

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