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Saturday 10. 9. 2022

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Kromě koncertu si pro vás Yasi na Festiwallu připravila i tento workshop. Přijďte se od ní naučit pár stylových bluesových licků!

Yasi Hofer is a guitar magician from Germany, who discovered the magic of her fateful instrument at the age of twelve.

She became so attached to the electric guitar that she couldn't say goodbye to it for ten hours a day. This incredible diligence soon paid off, as two years later she played with Steve Vai, who has been her career guide ever since. Her enormous talent earned her a scholarship to the famous Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to Steve Vai, she’s collaborated with musicians such as Neil Young, Chris Thompson, Lita Ford, Hellmut Hattler and the group Savoy Brown.

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