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Saturday 10. 9. 2022


photo: Eduardo Orelha

Pekelne kone was created as a side project of two Slovak musicians living in Prague. The author of the music and lyrics is Tomáš Hricišák, also known as Páter Noster, who sings, plays guitar and banjo in the band.

His longtime companion Jozef Zeleňák (Zoltán Zlomír) plays double bass and sings vocals. Drummer, percussionist and vocalist Jane Medjuza Hall joined the duo after a while, and the group´s rhythm section soon became a married couple. Accordionist Radek Veselý aka Franke, who also plays keyboard instruments, xylophone and sings vocals, was the last to join the stable of Pekelne kone. The acoustic project eventually became a full-fledged musical group. If time permits, the master of sound Majo Džubák (guitar, vocals, percussion, theremin) is part of the concert line-up. At the same time, Majo took on the arrangement and production of the album.

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