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Frontman Live:

BGD ≋ Baritone Guitar Dreams


Hynek „Dr.Hyenik“ Stančík

Saturday 10. 9. 2022

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Are you attracted to the attractive world of deep tones of baritone guitars? In a
unique workshop you will learn everything you need for an introductory dive into the seductive depths of guitar sound and get to know the largest private collection of baritone guitars in the Czech Republic. Come hear and touch different types of baritone guitars, special strings and tunings, pickups, suitable effects and stage amplifiers, including a presentation of Furch, Godin, Acus and Line6 brands as well as many non-traditional guitar accessories.

Dr. Hyenik – multi-guitarist, author of educational series about guitar equipment,
reviewer, producer, designer, member of bands awarded with the Anděl and Břitva prizes, finalist of international author and guitar competitions.

Dr.Hyenik – multikytarista, autor vzdělávacích seriálů o kytarovém vybavení, recenzent, producent, designér, člen kapel oceněných cenami Anděl a Břitva, finalista mezinárodních autorských a kytarových soutěží.

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