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Miloš Meier: Drumming Syndrome

Sunday, 11. 9. 2022

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Metal drummer of the Czech metal band Dymytry Miloš Meier invites you to a
performance of his drumming one-man show project called & "Drumming
Syndrome". He will present a special program divided into two parts, in which you can look forward to specially adapted rock and metal world hits, drum
solos, film soundtracks, an unplugged insert as well as diversions into other
musical genres.


Expect an original, explosive and extremely energetic performance. High player technique and experience from playing with, among others, Michal Pavlíček, Kamil Střihavka,, Daniel Landa, BSP, or Gus G. and drumming with this concert all over the world predict an exceptional musical experience.

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