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Friday, 9. 9. 2022

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Justin Lavash is a British musician who has been living in the Czech Republic since 2004. His music ranges across styles between blues, folk and jazz. The virtuoso guitar playing often leaves the audience in awe of how one man can create so many layers of polyphony on one instrument.

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The basis of Lavash's style is the classic strumming technique, which he combines with elements of psychedelia or funk, and you can also hear lyrical-dramatic ballads from him. His own singing, raw, deep and bewitching, draws the listener into the compositions, where strong (often autobiographical) stories alternate with poetic impressions. Justin Lavash is sought out for collaboration by Czech and foreign artists, for example he names Lenka Dusilová, Monika Načeva, Radúza, Vladimír Merta or Michal Horáček as Czech artists.

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