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Saturday, 10. 9. 2022


Musical performance of the well-known actor and folk rock singer-songwriter Jiří Schmitzer: He graduated from DAMU in 1974, then joined the Drama Studio in Ústí nad Labem, from 1985 he was a member of the Ypsilon Theater. He played in many cult Czech films. He won the Czech Lion Award for his leading roles in the films Boomerang, Beauty in Trouble, Like Never and Old Men.

Jiří Schmitzer also gained great popularity with his concerts, recitals with a twelve-string guitar and his own songs. He himself speaks of his music as acoustic-punk, but this is a slight exaggeration, because thanks to its unclassifiable nature, his concerts are attended by both rockers and folk lovers, as well as theater and film fans. He released four albums: Recital, Šílenec, Buda and Sbírka kiksů. He also composed music for theater performances, mainly for Ypsilonka's home stage, but also for the National Theater or the Drama Studio in Ústí. His music was also heard in several films. The committee published a book of its texts under the title Kanimůra ze Šardon.

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