Zildjian presents:
Dali Mraz Group
(CZ / RO / IT)


Album LEVEL 25
Czech release

DALI MRAZ GROUP: Dali Mraz /CZ/ drums, Federico Malaman /IT/ bass, Marius Pop /RO/ guitars

Dali Mraz is a composer, drummer, a co-founder of an European advanced education platform, a member of QQ Studio company, as well as a frequent collaborator with several TV, film and radio companies. Born in Ostrava, Czech Republic; Dali since his earliest years has been co-operating with some of the largest names in modern music industry, such as Scott Kinsey, Susanne Vega, Fernando Saunders, Martin Miller or Federico Malaman, just to name a few and of course countless more. At an age as young as 10 he received the first of his many national awards and at 16 he composed the entire score for a worldwide distributed film.

Currently, he works on both sides of the Atlatic and his latest album Level 25 has been successfully accepted in Canada and the United States, most notably at one of the world's leading drumming platforms Drumeo, which also became the album's official partner. Also he found his way into the A tier of some of the world's largest drum companies, such as DW Drums, Zidljian Cymbals, Vic Firth or Remo.

Alongside composing and producing, Dali also takes the time to organise music lectures, clinics and workshops with his collaborator Václav Zíma, hosting some of the greatest and most renowned players, such as Mike Terrana, Todd Sucherman, Benny Greb, Gergo Borlai or Chris Coleman.



Mezi Vodami 23
143 00 Praha 4


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